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over 6 months ago

I am posting this pic because I just read someone’s reply to a jobcaser’s post with negative vibe. We are here to lift each other and to learn from one another. When people share their journey, it helps to know that we are not alone. So, when someone shares good news about finding a job, we should find humility, class and love to celebrate that huge accomplishment. We don’t know how long people have been seeking employment. We don’t know what personal difficulties they are going through: are their credit cards maxed out? Do they have someone ill in their home? Are they about to lose their homes, their cars? Do their children need to put college on hold to find a job so they can help? Are they having suicidal thoughts because they are so discouraged?

So if you are not humble, not caring, not loving and not empathetic enough to encourage others, it is best that you restrain from negative comments if there is not a lesson to learn from your post or reply.

#itisnotwgatyousay #itishowyousayit

LET’S HELP EACH OTHER T.E.A.M: TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE #goodvibes #JobcaseroftheDay #jobsearch #unemploymentsucks #celebrateeachother #teamplayer #findajob #supporteachother #positivity #blessings #gratefulforyouall