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Rachelle Ulizzi
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

Look elsewhere! I returned after a couple years and everything was so different, and not for the good! It's understaffed, by design and even though they tell patients that "we care about your time", nothing proves that. Even in the busiest clinics, there's only 1 front desk person checking everyone in, which is now an incredibly long process, 1 back office MA or X-ray tech and 1 provider. The patients are always angry and disgusted with their wait times and they take it out on you. I've always been one that could handle any situation, but the negativity really gets to you after such long hours. And do not expect a break during your 12+ hours, if you want to eat or use the bathroom for 2 minutes, you have to wait until your shift is over. As a female, look forward to many UTI's holding it all day! You'll also be required to do things that are beyond your scope of practice for an MA. Which I can't begin to understand how they're getting away with legally! I was truly disappointed in this place upon returning and was relieved to see my final day there!