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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
about 3 years ago

Let's do better, be better, and hear the rallying cry from VA...

I am guessing Jobcasers all are as sickened by the violence in Virginia this weekend as my family has been. My heart goes out to the victims, while my head is stuck pondering what more I might do to try and address the places where ignorance and hate still ferment & cause so much pain in our country. The mother of Heather Heyer (the caring young lady who was struck and killed while protesting against the white supremacists) amazingly seems to have it figured out already. She stated: "I want (Heather's) death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion."

So I will hope and trust that the officials in VA and DC prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. And I will turn my attention to how I might be even more proactive in sewing seeds of hope, light and love to stomp out ignorance and hate.

In considering this, I do want to thank this Jobcase community. We who work on building Jobcase are so humbled and grateful that this community doesn't let color or age or religion or gender or orientation bias them when helping one another with advice, support, connections or leads. We are simply a community of people helping one another find success, meaning and happiness in our worklife; a community of people who know that though it is difficult to achieve in 2017 - its a lot easier with help from a big caring community. We don't see differences, we see similarities. I truly find it inspiring. Disagreements with respect. Help without bias. Inspiring.

Our workplaces, for most of us, are the most integrated places we spend our lives - in every dimension: race, religion, age, income, etc. So at the least, let's all try to be cognizant of being a bit kinder this week to all we meet. There is so much more light in the world than dark. While we all figure out how to address the ignorance that still remains in pockets of our culture, lets start by magnifying the compassion that can be all around us.

Last note - I am still figuring this out. I welcome positive constructive thoughts about how each individual one of us might make a positive difference this week. Whadayathink?

#love #compassion #fairness #equality #justice