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Preston Satterwhite
over 6 months ago

I have been working for a "family owned" company for over 2 year now. Long story short at first it was great, A m-f 7-5 job. Well now over a year later & hanging in there with the company, a few weeks ago my boss tells me to call him before I come in because there might not be any work! I've given estimates on jobs, worked by myself & pretty much did A lot of his work. Out of the past 3 weeks I've worked maybe 6 days total & He knows I have a family to support with children & recently found out we're having another baby. While I've been out trying to do side work my wife has been putting in application's for me. She's been telling me I deserve a better job & one that appreciates a good employee. Well today I got a e-mail for a immediate job opening that she applied for. After a few emails & a phone call I start a new job first thing tomorrow! I called my old boss & asked if he heard anything of course he said no. So I'm out with the old & in with the new, I'm very excited & optimistic, especially with a bigger company, a pay increase& the need for a better opportunity! My point of this is if your experiencing something similar, don't give up, hang in there & if you look you will find a company that will value a good employee!!