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April Silva
over 6 months ago

#UNEMPLOY Can anyone help me or maybe tell me what I can do on my end?

I've been out of work for almost 12 weeks && still no unemployment in my bank account. It says for all the weeks that I get 188 a week but they still say pending! Can anyone help me or maybe tell me what I can do on my end? I wasn't even able to buy any christmas presents for no one this year not even money for gas. #unemployment #

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Paul Baker

@April Silva we've seen stories from members having success in getting their benefits after they contacted their local state representative for help. While you do that, what type of work are you interested in now while you await your benefits?

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Linda Popp

@April Silva Hi, April. Were you laid off; or terminated? Did they give you a reason? If you were laid off, make sure you send in a copy of your driver's license / state ID, and a copy of your SSN card. You can either connect copies to your Online UI account; or fax it in and connect a copy of your FAX RECEIPT showing that you sent in your identification (as that is what has been holding most claims up).

 Secondly, look under your Factfinding tab, to see if there is an ISSUE holding up your claim (and there may be correspondence there that you can read up on).  Make sure you follow all directions that they give to you.

 Thirdly, look under your Correspondence tab; to see if there is a letter to you in which you need to respond to.   Do this right away, as there are deadlines in those letters, and you must do what they say (or be denied benefits).  For instance, there could be a list of questions that they want you to respond to with a deadline attached to it (ie, 10 days).  If they are questioning your reason for leaving your last job, make sure you say, THAT YOU PERFORMED THE JOB TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.   

 After you do all of this, let us know how much of this you have accomplished.   Good luck!
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