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over 2 years ago
G.D. Cull
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First off...here's my op-ed and what I can say on the matter in short....The SARS CoV-1 aka CoronaVirus is destroyed by colloidal or nano-particle silver.. They've known this since 2003. Over 100 research reports confirm this. Now...This 'novel' strain...ie. nCov2 was brought about at a Level4 lab in Wuhan,China. The Chief virologist there...Dr Shi Z. Li, was contracted to research and collect the corona virus from the horseshoe bat and prepare it for the next phase, pending. A second payment of $3.7mil was reportedly initiated by the Institute of Allergies and infectious Diseases, via one, Dr Anthony Fauci, with the blessings of the NIH and likely the knowledge of the WHO. The second phase of the research was to insure the corona virus samples were to be able to transfer to human beings and infect the human respiratory system, which was the stated goal, per reports. Dr Fauci was reportedly warned about the dangers involved, if this novel 'variant' of the corona virus were to escape the lab. As we all know, It did and here we are chasing our tails. Dr Fauci in the months after and shortly after President Trump became President, warned in a public interview, that President Trump would have to deal with a Pandemic during his administration. I find this very interesting, to say the least. How would he have known, unless......?
This 'novel form' of the original Corona virus is likely destroyed by micro or nano-particle colloidal silver as well. This virus has roots and is found in felines, and other animals around the world. In fact, the Corona Virus is patented. Its patented in the UK.. just as Ebola is patented by the US. Reportedly, No one can work on these patented microbes, unless they deal with the patent holders first. They control all aspects and any further developments or work done with them, by third parties. As for this lab developed 'novel' form of the Corona virus and, will it change...? I suppose, It depends on which Experts you talk to. It may be around a while like the influenza bug or it could peter-out or it could become more potent IF, someone in a lab somewhere, starts playing with it again, creating a more powerful strain. Right now, it can be controlled & Killed with a long known and powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite natural product...Colloidal Silver. The powers that be cannot make any real money on a this natural mineral, and so, all the money bets are on a lab made vaccine, which will make the Drug companies BILLIONS and hopefully, they won't force it on us, as some suspect they will. There lies the real potential danger in my opinion. That's my unprofessional take on it and whatever source of this, may 'otherwise' be, I and millions of others remain very angry and suspicious of how this pandemic is being handled to date. The Medical Establishments handling of this, doesn't pass the smell test and certain MDs and researchers need to be investigated. Millions have lost their livelihoods, jobs and thousands of have lost their lives to this lab created bug and the Public wants answers and heads to roll, per my observations. Governors and their minions mistakes are only compounding the problems The public's fuse is getting very short, with their Rights Being Violated on a regular basis. Semper Paratus.

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