Rakesh Kumar
over 6 months ago

Hi I am an IT professional, having 14 years of experience in IT Infra & Ops, including Server Management, Data center Management, IT Security, Solution Design, Team Management, Budget & cost control, ITSM Management, Stake holder Management, SLA Management etc.

Looking for career opportunities, pls let me know the suitable openings, can relocate anywhere.

Right now I am having very rough time, jobless and having lots of responsibilities on my shoulders, as I am the only source of income for my family, tried lot but could not got any job for me, and we are surviving over credit cards, have spent all of my savings, having around 2600 LinkedIn connections but these are useless, everybody say no, will try will update you, but no job reference from anybody. Pls help us!!

Regards Rakesh Kumar rock221@rediffmail.com

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