Tim Seeton

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What am I doing wrong I can't seem to get any benefits like at the 1200 back in June. It keeps telling me my social security number is incorrect, which is impossible. Can't log on my taxes got screwed up is what think is the problem. My state taxes got filed in Florida and then got a mended and filed in Georgia which is correct. I'm self-employed I don't qualify for unemployment cuz I've never paid anything end to Georgia so I don't receive state unemployment benefits I try to get onto the Pua the 600 a week and I get know where I've spent countless hours on the telephone no return phone calls now I'm waiting the 600 from December 28th I think and I haven't got that yes can someone please help me not to mention the 300 a week anything would help thank God I'm living with my parents unfortunately I don't have a actual rent payment due.

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over 1 year ago
Eleana BowmanCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Tim Seeton ; sorry to hear that unemployment is causing you some grief. We cannot provide advice on specific UI situations or tax advice since we are not experts in that realm of work. However, we can help you find a new and exciting job role if you are looking! Take a few minutes to fill out your profile so that we can help find the best matches for you and your experience. Thanks!

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