Michael Carvalho

I was asked these questions recently, and thought I would answer them and share my experience with all of You?

Q: What's the atmosphere like at your hospital This is supposed to be the highest week of reported cases in Mass. Are you folks overwhelmed with patients?

A: As a person who currently works on the front lines in the hospital during the Covid-19 - Corona Virus it is not easy? I will start off by telling each of you how proud I am to be a part of it. The people I work with are truly amazing. We made a choice to put our life on hold to serve the public. Each shift I work and have worked it never surprises me of the things I witnessed? Starting with the intake staff to the Doctors, Nurses and all the staff. They are Truly Amazing, placing their life’s aside to service the public. At the end of each shift you witness some tears, some smiles, hugs and many prayers. It is truly an amazing site to be a part of! With this week and the next being what is expected to be the worst of it? Please take stay at home, stay safe and remember to keep 6 feet apart!

Q: How concerned are you about working within the direct healthcare environment and possibly exposing your family to this illness?

A: This I find to be a hard question to answer. When I made the choice to take the job, I never knew it would mean coming down to making a choice to separate from my family? Recently, I had to make a serious choice in my life. The choice was to continue working or stop? Do to the fact of putting my children and family at risk? As most know I am a single dad with two young girls ages 8-11 years old? Before making my choice I talked it over with them and asked what they thought I should do? They both said dad you have to save life’s? With tears in my eyes, I spent the night with them and then made arrangements with my sister to take my girls for the time being. This by no means is what I or any of us who have made similar choices to do have done. Nor did we ever think in a life time should we ever have to choose? I FaceTime them often and just spent a few days with them before I return back to work on Thursday! Thinking I was alone and upset at the fact of the choice I made at the time? The first night after the arrangements while working, my co-workers knew I wasn’t myself that night? Asking what was wrong with me? I shared what took place that afternoon, only to find out some co-workers made similar choices? Some sleep in their cars, some in hotels?

Q: Are you comfortable and confident with the safety standards established by your hospital?

A: Yes! First and For-most I put my faith and Trust in My Lord God! I truly believe this is what me and my co-workers were put together to do? To me it is a calling? The hospital has and continues to put our health concerns first. Making sure we are protected and have the proper #PPE to protect ourselves and the public. I will add and ask each of you to support us in spreading the word we need more #PPE? When you see on the news how hospitals are dealing with short supplies we are not lying to you? We Need More #PPE!

I have answered these questions to the truth and best of my opinion. This is what a typical day starts and ends with on a daily bases.

My shift starts out by clocking in and going to the floor. A leader leads by example is my first thought? So I start off by seeing who needs backup? Where we are lacking and making the necessary arrangements to cover it? As I am doing this we are being called to room after room. This one here needs this, that one there need that and in the meantime code Blue is be paged to room so and so? A few minutes go by and Code Blue is being called out again. Doctor’s, nurses, CNA’s being told to go there, no over there, no to room xxxx? This continues for hours and hours. The person in room xxxx just pasted? Called the morgue and notify them. Families calling to get information, the emergency room is needs back up can you spare some nurses? Can you send a few aids? Before you know it admitting just sent up four more patients? Where do I put them? All the rooms are filled? The supervisors are running from one end to the other assisting where needed? 8 hours has passed and you take a minute to drink some water? By the time you drank half the cup, you are being paged to go to room xxxx immediately. And it starts all over again, no time for a break, no time for lunch and before you know it 15 hours has come and you say your good-bye’s to return the next day and do it all over again! To my co-worker’s, and all the team players I work with each shift, Thank you for who you are? Thank you for putting your life on the line and the sacrifices we make each time we are together to serve the sick! As a Delegate and Employee I never thought or Knew what it was I signed up for? Nor did I or anyone ever imagine this would ever happen in a life time! There is not one person I can’t Thank enough or Appreciate More than each of them I work with in the Hospital! I ask one thing of each of you? Be Kind to Each Other, Love One Another, Show Respect to Each and All! One never knows what tomorrow will Bring? Please follow the CDC.gov for updates!

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over 2 years ago
Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

WOW, what can I say... excellent feedback Michael Carvalho , thanks so much for honestly sharing your current work/life experience as a front line worker managing and helping individuals and families affected throughout this crisis.

The hard-work, dedication and sacrifices being made right now by all the workers in the the healthcare community are not only worth recognizing but applauding! This communities passion to serve under fire is something that, as outsiders, should take into consideration especially on the eve of National Nurse Appreciation Day (May 6, 2020). We certainly have a lot to be thankful for :-)

My thoughts go out to you, your daughters and all the healthcare workers families right now. Your Courage, Passion and Compassion are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much again for sharing this feedback with the community. This certainly gives us much to think about and be Thankful.

Love ya my brother... Please Stay Safe!