It's about Results! (rule #2 for profiles and resumes)

I've been browsing through a lot of Jobcase profiles this morning - particularly ones of folks in the community that are finding difficulty in achieving the next job they desire. There's a trend sticking out to me that is a large mistake most people make. An easy one to correct. And a very impactful one after you do correct it.

Ready for the insight - here it is...effort doesn't get rewarded - RESULTS DO. Of course I know its hard to get results without effort. But, no-one drafts football players because they worked hard at the gym - they get hired for yardage gained in college, sacks made, etc. The Rock doesn't get crazy paydays just because he is talented, its because he generated box office hits - so the expectation is that he can do that again.

When you provide details about a position in a profile or resume, start with the results and follow with the effort (if you really need to state effort). Consistently garner tips over 20% and generated 100 positive yelp reviews for my restaurant as a lead Waiter stands out on a waiter resume way more than a list of duties and deeds performed. I, as a restaurant manager & potential employer, see that customers like you and see how that translates to my business success. Or, Hired 200 employees who exceeded projected retention rates - is much better than screened applicant resumes and interviewed as part of talent function in XX company. I, as potential employer hiring you for my HR group, see that you got your job done right - good hires! And now I want to talk to you about how you can do that for me.

You get it. If you are hiring someone for a role you want someone who will drive results for you. Working hard, having effort, saying how you did something fills space but isn't really what its about is it. Its about results. Like it or not, thats what stands out. So - when you as a candidate want to represent your past experience - focus on what resulted from your efforts. And have fun thinking about it too. I bet when you step back you'll realize you have been even more effective in your past than what you thought. And maybe you might think of times you weren't. And when you begin to be more aware of mapping effort to results - then you are on your way to really improving the trajectory of your worklife.

Hope this helps. If it resonates with you - go to your profile now by clicking on your pic in upper right corner here, update descriptions to start sentences with what you achieved and then perhaps how you did it. Then hit the generate resume button on your profile. I think you'll like what you see.....

( - I'll post rule #1 tmw - we talk about it often on Jobcase, but will rewrite about it soon...)

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