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Christopher LaCour
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I hate to sound cliche, but there is an 'it depends' element to a Ford interview. Ford has a mix of really old-school interviewers and much newer ones. The old school folks like the etiquette of an interview, the handshake principle, the follow up note, and sitting across the table with your hands in your lap. They are the ones who will offer to walk you to your car after the interview so they can covertly check out if you are driving a Ford, if you have a messy car, and (most importantly) if there is a baby seat in there. The newer school folks are far more laid back, and will tend to shy away from the 'where do you see yourself in 5 years' questions. They are the ones who will ask you things like, 'Why are manhole covers round?' I was there for 8 years, and the thing I heard more than any other sentence, "It's not the right way, it's not the wrong way, it's the Ford way." Be comfortable with that type of communication, respect the managerial hierarchy, and tailor your responses to the job you are interviewing for as well as the interviewer.

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Ira West

yourself and dont let them bully you I spent 15 years there and they try to intimidate you and then use the fact that your so excited that they chose you and you get a shit job

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