The small stuff matters! Add it to your profile

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Don’t overlook those mundane little tasks that were part of your previous or current position because they matter, and they can make you stand out and set you apart from other candidates.

But, rather than listing your responsibilities like ingredients on the back of a box, assign meaning to them. Make it personal. Make it you.

The mundane matters! These tasks, called “soft skills,” are personal attributes necessary to succeed in any workplace. They are like the foundation of a house: you can’t build up without it. And most importantly, they are practical, transferable and valuable.

Add them to your profile!

For example... Retail workers -- did you pick up slack at the end of your shift?

  • Tended to the shop as if it were my own -- made sure it was tidy and presentable at the start of the shift and took the time to leave it as I would like to find it.

As a warehouse associate, were you right there at the shipping dock, unloading and sorting merchandise? Were you always reminding your coworkers to wear them helmets? Add it in, and make it personal.

  • Helped coordinate delivery and shipment functions with calm, care and accuracy. Ensured a risk-free work environment by encouraging others to wear proper safety equipment and keeping warehouse clean and organized.

Cashiers: you probably honed your soft skills working the register more than you think. Your experience was unique, so get down to the nitty gritty!

  • Made sure every customer felt welcomed and satisfied with their shopping experience, from entry to exit.

Take the time to translate these often-overlooked duties into measurable credentials because it shows you value yourself and take your work seriously. It sends a message to employers that you are qualified, and that you are worth their time.

As always, we’re here to help.

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