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Josh Hockett
over 6 months ago

Exercise Physiologists

I have been applying to several exercise physiologist (EP) jobs I have found local and out of state and bigger well known hospitals but have not gotten any word back from any of them in weeks now. Some a month. I send emails or leave messages with them each week to follow up and ask status but still nothing. I am sure things are slow due to the times but how can I have 6 (yes 6) applications out for the same types of roles and not have any responses at all after 4+ weeks? Is this normal now with delays and work from home matters at so many places? Or is it that EP jobs and departments at hospitals is now bottom of the priority list for critical positions needing filled right now? I am unemployed now and have been since return to USA Jan 1 so each day not working is killing me to not be working yet. #healthcare #hospitals #jobs #careers #unemployment

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Lenin Pina

Hi Josh, most fitness employers and healthcare organizations may be holding off on expanding exercise physiologist and related job types due to all the social distancing standards around COVID-19.

Those employment options don't seem to be getting a lot of buzz among the employment community right now. We'll keep an eye out for any new opportunities and let you know.

Best of luck with your search moving forward and please continue to keep us updated on your pending prospects. Thanks