Question: Working From Home - Would you pay for a service that you can do yourself?

Service: Voicemail to Email

Eliminate the Need to Check Your Inbox Voicemail to email is (or can be) a business phone system feature that records a voicemail as an audio file (commonly .mpg or .wav format) and sends it to an email address. The recipient is then able to download the file right from their email and play it using a media player on their smartphone or PC.

As a business owner checking your inbox throughout the day might seem like a standard practice or something that you’ve done from time to time. Even if you are used to this practice, that doesn’t make it efficient. Instead of watching for notification lights, or wasting time checking a voicemail inbox when it’s empty, voicemail to email takes away the need for any of these practices.

When the voicemail comes in you’ll receive a notification just like you would for any other email message. This lets you know immediately that there’s something that requires your attention. Do away with another location to check throughout the day, and focus all your messages into one neat system with a voice mail transfer service and you’ll streamline your business practices and stay on top of those important customer needs as they come in so that you are gathering customer feedback and making the most of it.

Should you pay for this type of service, or can you do it yourself?

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