Albert Brossette
3 months ago

Self employed monetary INELIGIBLE needs help

LOUISIANA UNEMPLOYMENT- SELF EMPLOYED MONETARY INELIGIBLEI recieved one week of benefits and they stopped. Now it says I'm MONETARY INELIGIBLE. I have 3 weeks of benefits sitting in my claim summary and this will be week 4 tomorrow. I'm self employed and lost as to what to do, July 7, 2019 thru January 14, 2020 I worked as a Boilermaker and taxes were removed by River Parish Contractors. I was self employed before and after I was layed off. I did file for benefits in January 2020 when I was laid off until I located work for myself. Then the stay at home order was given and everything stopped work wise for me. It's been a month with $0.00 income and funds are exhausted. I have 1099 all the way back to 2014 from people I've done work for. Am I not eligible for benefits or ami???? PLEASE HELP!!! #unemployment

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Mandy Evers

You are eligible for benefits through PUA....