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Janet Russo
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My GM in Arkansas on Front Street, Shannon Miller was the best boss to work for at Panera Bread!! In relocating I chose one Panera here in Charlotte, NC. Dan the former GM was recommended and was truly fantastic boss too! However, Dan left for a new Panera opportunity. 🙂 The new GM, Amanda, and 3 store managers were also wonderful. To me, the leaders are what set both the stage and the standard for the work environment! Creating a team that works well, flows together serving their customers and one another while keeping the work environment enjoyable is a challenge. There’s always a recipe for success in any restaurant. Quality product that’s consistent, friendliness, a willingness to both foresee and serve others needs, and cleanliness are just a few. The best bosses are servant managers in my book, not bossy ones that micro manage employees and don’t respect other’s boundaries. They act territorial instead with no thought or consideration for others. Such became the case with a returning manager. The other employees with one exception of one with constant negativity we’re wonderful and it was enjoyable to go. As a former restaurant manager over the years there comes a realization that no matter how long a few people are in your business, if their creating the wrong atmosphere for others it’s better to correct or cut them loose, (no matter there time or talent) than lose people who just want to be kind, work hard, add to your business, and enjoy being there on a day to day basis. Such was the case for me at the this particular Panera. In fairness an illness and family stress at the moment lessened my willingness to tolerate this type of sudden work environment. I don’t leave a job. But I wanted to make a point that no job is worth that kind of managing. And it just takes one. Panera is a great place to work otherwise except for health insurance. I’d recommend working there to anyone. It’s a great place for your first job, college kids who need to work, any age. There’s flexibility too. However unless they change their health options are not good and at some Panera’s ask about periodic frequency of raises and get it in writing in advance. #reviewonpanerabreadfromone #foodservices # #jobsearch #aboutmyjob

almost 3 years ago
Lawrence White
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Oh WOW, this is Fantastic workplace culture and insider experience feedback @Janet Russo . Thanks so much for taking the time to share all this detailed information. I also must mention that this timely information since Panera Bread National Hiring Day is tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th!.

The work history and experience information you have listed on your profile is also very impressive! What's your current employment situation, are you looking for new job options? I think you would make a great fit in this and any other industry you wish to pursue.

Please let us know if you're in the process of finding a new job. Happy to share some new job leads and hiring opportunities with you. If now, that's oaky too! We welcome you and appreciate all your collaboration and engagement in your new community.

Thank you!

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