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Alden Simon
over 6 months ago

Received an email stating something similar to "RESUME APPROVED" , and asking you to interview on Google Hangouts ? Take a minute and look at the email itself. Is it from a legitimate company email, or is it a Gmail account? That's red flag number 1.

This is a rather elaborate version of the check fraud scam, using mostly legitimate company names, with possibly an extra "-" or misspelling. A Google search will undoubtedly find the company name, as will a check on; however checking with the company will find that they don't hire remote help, they don't intend to open an office in your city, or that the person "hiring" you doesn't work there, or if the person exists at the company, they have no knowledge of the position you were offered. Red flag number 2.

How this is supposed to work is that you will engage in an "interview" on Google Hangouts, after which you will be told that you have been hired for an hourly rate for training, and then a larger amount for your "regular" wages. You will then be emailed supporting documentation, such as an offer letter and possibly direct deposit paperwork. In addition, you will be told that you need to purchase "office supplies" such as a laptop, printer, software, etc, however these things can only be purchased from their "approved" vendor. Red flag number 3 However, lucky for you, they will be sending you a large cashier's check to cover these expenses; upon receipt, you are to deposit the check in your personal account, and you are to keep X$ as your signing bonus, and then send the rest via wire to the vendor for your supplies.

In addition, you may be told that you need to buy I-Tunes cards so that the codes on the cards can be used to "unlock" their proprietary software.

None of this is true. They are after your bank information with the direct deposit form, then they are trying to have you deposit a counterfeit cashiers check in your bank account. The check may not come back immediately as a fake, however trust, it will. When the check bounces, you are then held legally responsible for the amount deposited, despite it being a fake check.

If by some misfortune, you have gotten to the check stage of this scam, take a moment and call the bank that the check is drawn on prior to depositing. Chances are that conveniently, there won't be a branch in your state. However, a quick check on the internet will provide a toll-free number for that bank's customer service.

Remember: a legitimate company will not be using a free email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, or similar. They will be using their own proprietary domain, such as (used only as an example). In addition, a legitimate company will not be sending you a check for you to buy supplies "exclusively from their preferred vendor", or I-Tunes cards to "unlock" proprietary software. No legitimate company will ask for I-Tunes codes to unlock software, either.

Please take a few minutes to report this to the following authorities: , and

I hope I've managed to get this out in time for you to not be scammed.

If, unfortunately, you've already been taken, please contact the FTC and IC3, along with your local law enforcement.

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