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Lucinda Kerrigan
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Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Consultant

I'm studying this morning for my leadership class again. I just found my library books. I want to apologize to those here on Jobcase that sought my resume help who couldn't pay and I didn't know how to bend my policy. If you can't pay for example no credit or debit card or afraid I could be a scammer, I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I have donated some money to charity but I needed some money for groceries too. I turned down Kohls job to help you all with your resume. So why would a risk taker like me admit my mistakes a d be honest? Because I am courageous. I am here to help you even though I am working solo right now running my little company, like an fruitful seed it will grow in time. Is anyone here good at Marketing or Advertising? Please email me, I need help. Not sure how I can pay someone yet but I'm falling behind on fixing resumes because of administration duties fall on me too. I've been sick too. If you need assistance please email me or call me. My primary email is But my gmail is overloaded so I'm trying to switch over to my yahoo account. Thank you all for being there for me encouraging me to keep doing the right thing. God bless, Lucinda Kerrigan owner of Resume Diva Company, Carbondale, IL (618) 751-6355 cell Now part of Books and Stitches. #advertising #courage #Leadership #marketing #resumes

over 5 years ago
Genevieve Legrand
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Community Specialist at Jobcase Inc

Thank you for sharing, Lucinda!! We are definitely wishing you luck as you continue to build your business to help others!