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What do you think about face tattoos and do you think that they are a turnoff to potential employers? That was a question that my favorite radio gospel morning show, Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell, posed to listeners earlier this week. The show, hosted by Erica Campbell of the famed gospel duo, Mary Mary, often asks thought-provoking questions of its listeners to see where people’s hearts and minds are. So, during the “Get Up Poll” segment of the show, listeners were asked, “What do you think about face tattoos?” As you can imagine, the responses rolled in and many people expressed very strong feelings about the topic. Naturally, the conversation quickly started to focus on the impact of facial tattoos on a person’s ability to get a job. So, as I listened to the various responses, I decided that it would be a great topic to delve into this week since my blog is committed to helping job seekers present their best selves during the job search process. Let's take a look at six perspectives on face tattoos and their potential impact on your career success. Check out my full post at

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Elyssa DuncanCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Thanks for the thought provoking article Cynthia Okonkwo !