YOU Matter: Tip No. 2

Tip No.2: Celebrate Your Wins

So, you've read Tip No.1 and you've set your goals. Great! Now what??

Well, now it's time to celebrate! Don’t drain yourself by not allowing for any fun. Recognize your wins, big or small! Maybe you got a call back from an employer, or you updated your resume and are super proud of the result… whatever it is, celebrate the accomplishments :)

Treat yourself to a hike, a glass of wine, get your nails done or go to that car show you’ve been eyeing for weeks. When I was on the hunt for my most recent job, I told myself that if I connected with two new people each week for three weeks, I would treat myself to getting my hair done. I was able to do this, and got an awesome new hairstyle just in time for my interview!

Remember, time spent recharging your mental health is never time wasted.

Now, on to Tip No. 3: Socialize!

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