I work with a small company of 7 called “Mumsa” in San Francisco, our work is based on providing organic nutritional meals to preschoolers and elementary students. We cook at school locations and cater food to the schools that don’t have a kitchen on site. Though because the pandemic we are no longer are able to provide those meals 5 times a week. We now pack organic produce bags once a week for the staff and students families of the schools and do curbside pick up (our company is included in there tuitions but has now ended). In addition we also offer purchasing these bags and/ or purchasing to be donated to others in need and deliver Monday-fridays! We’re doing everything we can to continue show support to the community in such hard times. This is what’s keeping us motivated! But we also need help from the community to help keep us running 🙏🏽 #supportthecause #mumsaishereforyou #protect&serve #healthyeats #spreadtheword #coronavirus #foodservices #aboutmyjob #healthcare

over 2 years ago
Ford Simpson

I would consider your work as essential,I know the children do! Have you talked to any authorities about making your fantastic work recognized as an essential part of the community? Bless you for your past and hopefully future endeavours, Ford in Pennsylvania