Transfer those old skills into a new job

Last updated: July 23, 2024
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Transfer those old skills into a new job
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Have you spent some time at a job and now you’re ready to move on? Perhaps you no longer feel safe performing the same duties during the pandemic that you were used to. Well, fear not! What you have learned in the past will be incredibly useful as you move forward. You can easily change your career path by harnessing those past skills and transferring them to a new role. Let’s take a look at how to do so!

Decide what you do well

Why reinvent the wheel? Figure out what you excel at and highlight those skills. If you’re not sure which skills you should include for a particular role a great place to begin is by checking the job description. Take a look at it carefully and determine what the employer is looking for and make a note of it. Then be sure to highlight those requirements on your resume. Once you add a skill to your #resume remember to show how you performed it at your previous job and prove yourself!

-Don’t just say: "Great leadership skills." -Prove it: "Excellent leadership skills, demonstrated when I successfully managed a small team of individuals over the course of a three-day event."

Make a list of your job duties

Create a list of your current and past job duties. Focus on more than what is required of you in your current/previous job or what was/is in your actual job description. Think about what you were responsible for on a daily basis! Which tasks and duties have you done daily and also which ones did you fulfill that were outside what you were hired for?

Record your accomplishments

Take the time to list out specific past accomplishments. Did your boss recognize you at some point? Did you save colleagues’ time by helping them complete a project? Think of achievements that are both large and small because they all matter to your next employer. Then apply them to the current role.

If you were a server or bartender for example and you are applying for a customer service role although the jobs are completely different they are also very similar. Both roles are about ensuring customer satisfaction. You could consider mentioning how you kept customers coming back and kept them happy is a big win. Again, highlight any specific accomplishments that pertain to the role.

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