Highest-paying retail jobs

Last updated: June 14, 2024
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Highest-paying retail jobs
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Millions of Americans work in retail, filling positions like sales associate, cashier, and more.

While many of these positions pay minimum wage, some retail jobs out there pay well above average! These aren’t necessarily management positions, either — some entry-level positions at companies like Costco offer high starting wages and other benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying retail jobs on the market.

What is a retail job?

There are many different facets to working in retail. Millions of Americans work in retail sales positions, but there are even more that don’t involve sales, such as stocking shelves or slicing meat in a deli.

Some common retailers include Amazon, Target, and Walmart, although these positions are generally low- to medium-paying jobs.

The majority of retail positions that we think about involve helping customers find products and processing payments. Retail salespeople sell retail merchandise like clothing, electronics, and furniture.

It’s an industry that isn’t going anywhere. There are thousands of different retail positions that you can get through Premium Retail Services that are high paying and could open the door for many opportunities.

9 high-paying retail jobs to look out for

Here are nine of the highest-paying retail jobs to consider while job searching.

1. Costco associate

National average pay rate: $16.00 per hour

Costco is known as one of the best retailers when it comes to employee benefits. Aside from a $16 minimum wage, many employees make well above that, and the employer offers many perks, like health insurance.

However, it can be challenging to get hired at Costco.

Because it’s one of the best retail companies to work at, many employees stick around for a long time. Employees may need to start off working a part-time role before a full-time position opens up.

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Find Costco jobs on Jobcase.

2. Safeway grocery clerk

National average pay rate: $15.00 per hour

Safeway is a grocery store that offers above-average hourly pay to its team members.

Employees get many perks, like an employee discount, health care, paid time off, and even a retirement program. If you can get your foot in the door, it’s a comfy retail store to work at long-term.

Find Safeway jobs on Jobcase.

3. Pharmacy technician

National average pay rate: $16.87 per hour

A pharmacy technician is part retail worker, part pharmacist.

It differs from many of the roles on this list because it typically requires a college education. To become a pharmacy technician, you need to become certified.

Some employers may hire technicians without a certification, but those who’ve attended a program will have a better chance of being hired.

The job involves assisting customers with finding over-the-counter medications, providing advice, and dispensing medications.

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Find pharmacy technician jobs on Jobcase.

4. Beauty consultant

National average pay rate: $17.00 per hour

As a beauty consultant in the retail industry, you’ll work in a department store or makeup specialty store, like Sephora or MAC.

Your primary responsibilities will include helping customers select makeup and skincare products. You’ll be expected to have deep knowledge of makeup and skincare products and be able to advise customers.

Some consultants also provide demonstrations, showing customers how to use products.

Find beauty consultant jobs on Jobcase.

5. Sales associate

National average pay rate: $13 per hour

The average hourly rate of a retail sales associate isn’t generally high. However, many of these positions include the opportunity to earn a commission.

If you excel at this kind of job, you have the opportunity to earn over $20 per hour. When looking for a sales associate role, just make sure that they offer commission.

Find sales associate jobs on Jobcase.

6. Retail store manager

National average pay rate: $30.00 per hour

A retail manager has a lot of responsibilities, and their hourly rate reflects that.

As a retail store manager, you’ll be in charge of operations, meaning you’ll have to schedule and assign employees plus maintain staff by hiring, firing, and training them. It can be a high-stress position if you’re not equipped for the role.

Store managers are in charge of achieving the financial objectives of the store. When you’re in charge of the money, you tend to make more money. It’s as simple as that.

Find retail manager jobs on Jobcase.

7. Merchandiser

National average salary: $14 per hour

Merchandising involves all things related to products. You’ll be in charge of ensuring you have the correct amount of products in stock and that they’re on the website and ready to go. This also includes forecasting purchasing trends to plan and monitor stock levels.

Merchandisers are mostly known for setting up product displays. It requires an eye for detail and aesthetics to maximize sales with visual merchandising.

If you’ve got an artistic streak, then a career as a merchandiser might be a good fit.

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Find merchandiser jobs on Jobcase.

8. Retail stocker

National average salary: $13.00 per hour

While there are many low-paying retail stocker gigs, many companies pay these employees quite well. For example, Nordstrom pays its retail stockers around $16 per hour.

A retail stocker ensures that all of the shelves and bins are stocked with all of the products. They also assist customers with locating products and checking storerooms for stock.

Find retail stocker jobs on Jobcase.

9. Buyer

National average salary: $24 per hour

A buyer works in tandem with the merchandiser to plan, select, and buy merchandise for the store. However, they often work in office environments rather than in the stores themselves.

Buyers are responsible for building relationships with wholesalers, forecasting trends, and ensuring a steady supply of products going to the store.

Find buyer jobs on Jobcase.

Land a high-paying retail job today

There are thousands of retail jobs out there, many of which are paying minimum wage. However, there are just as many retail jobs that pay very well.

You’ll have no trouble finding a high-paying retail job, even with little to no experience.

You can find more tips for job seekers searching for a retail position by visiting our Getting Hired Resource Center.



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