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Mike Grauer Jr
over 6 months ago

A Peace of advise for young people.

One area I would encourage young people who are still in high school or just graduated. Find yourself an internship dedicated to high schoolers or recent grads. It will give you experience and give you an opportunity to discover if you want a job in that chosen industry or not before you plop down a lot of time and money in education.

It does work. I have a good friend. She got a internship at a navy shipyard who does maintenance for most of the ships in the US fleet on the west coast while she was still in high school. She discovered she had the knack for electrical work. After high school she then applied to the apprentice program for this shipyard. Thanks to her internship. It give her a leg up in the hiring process.

Even now these many years later. She is still working for the yard. Now for a major contractor for the shipyard. Still loving her job, and what she is doing.

There are many opportunities like this if you nose around. Both in the public and private sectors. It may lead to a job out of high school or at the very least point you in the right direction. Or even get yourself a good mentor you can guide you in your professional development.

I myself wished I had gone this direction.

Good luck!

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