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Ra'mon Johnson
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over 6 months ago

When we think of hump day we usually think of it in the context of being the divider between the beginning and ending of a work week. However, Wednesdays can also pose some issues for the job seeker as well. It's common to start off on Monday optimistic and energized and then by midweek begin to lose steam and become discouraged. There are others who will become so disenchanted with the whole process they quit actively looking for work Thursday and Friday. Here are 5 things you can do to stay positive and motivated midweek.

  1. Get a battle song! this is any song that makes you feel happy, pumped up and ready to rule the world. I have a couple but one of my favs is "Happy" by Pharrell Play your battle song as you get ready for the day and in your car when you head out.

  2. Have your favorite breakfast. Plan out your attack for Thursday and Friday and make follow up phone calls to everywhere you applied or went Monday and Tuesday.

  3. Set aside a favorite power suit/outfit for Wednesday. You know the one... yes that one that you know you look good in and makes you feel you can do anything.

  4. Treat yourself to lunch at a spot where people who work where you want to work go to lunch. Mingle and chat with them. Do some networking. You can even go to an after work hangout and network. Now that spring is here downtown parks are good places to network. Now this one takes some research and thinking outside the box especially if you want to work somewhere where they might not have an obvious place to go. Example: If it's a store shop there, even if it's window shopping. Go and strike up a conversation with an associate or manager. Even if they're not hiring after showing up for a few Wednesdays, you can build a relationship with someone and if something becomes available... you can see where I'm going with that.

  5. Get some exercise - Doesn't have to be traditional but what ever you choose to do get into it. Work out, dance, run, play air guitar, shake, rattle or roll. Just move your body for 15 to 30 minutes. Get silly with it. I promise you will feel better.

Now you are confident, and revived... So let's go!

Happy Hump Day! #TurningNegativesToPositives #motivation #HappyHumpDay