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Michael Carvalho
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over 6 months ago

Good Afternoon,

As I started out my day I try to look back at what I did yesterday that I can better today? Yesterday was Easter a very holy holiday in the Christian community as one would agree? Keep in mind I had to work, this gives me a chance to do a lot of thinking. During my drive, I started to think about how many homeless people will not have a meal today. Let alone a meal, but a place to rest. This is one topic that comes across my mind often. Due to the fact that I often pass by places in the city where there are many homeless people. Sometimes I pull off to the side of the road to watch them go about there business. Some happy, some sad, some doing mischief and more. Then there are the ones who gather together and share what little they have with each other. The fact that they can go about there lives under the conditions they choose to live in is amazing. They are looked down upon and more but continue to enjoy each other and the company they keep. Then I happened to notice a younger one stroll up to the area. This is what really opened my eyes to a whole new thought. How many more are there out there? As my mind started to wonder about this. I couldn't help but wonder where would this young person lay his head tonight. Will he be safe? After viewing this scene for about 15 minutes I couldn't help but approach him and offer him a meal. As I got out of the car and walked over to him I was met with others asking for money. I continued to walk toward him and ask if I could purchase a meal for him? He replied, "Thank you, but I am ok". a little confused as to why he did not want a meal I asked why? Once again he said I have a job and really just need a place to live. I do not make enough for a place to live so I live on the street. This really hit me hard knowing I had to get to work and here is this young man with no place to sleep. What could I do? After talking to him for a few more minutes he continued to explain his story of how life isn't about worrying where he would sleep, but how he was going to keep his job if his employer found out he was homeless. How would they look at him differently? This was the thought I had to leave the area with. This young man worrying about keeping his job and not worrying about sleeping on the street, Truly amazing to think about. How many more are like him? Determined to work under the conditions he faces on a daily basis. What do you think about this thought? please feel free to leave a comment or at least like it to allow me to know you read it. And with this thought, I wish all of you a safe and blessed night. Just ME!

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