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Taylor Ford
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over 6 months ago

I got a job at ross dress for less, I guess I forgot I applied for temporary for hire since they dont have a full time postion or maybe part time. I would like to have a stable job then a temporary since I had bad experience with a temporary to hire postion because I only worked before within only two days THAT WAS IT. I'm trying not to compare this job to the other one, but I really am wanting a job I can just keep and not worry to be let go with some odd reason. So I applied to some jobs and my question is if there was a job to call me while I'm working this temporary to hire service, what could I do to not make it look bad on me? Could I just tell the store manager I found a better direction for me since this is temporary? I want to make the best of it and try it out but really I rather have a great job to keep then get dropped out of no where. Please help! #help #needadvice #RetailAssociate #tempoarytohire