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Jeff Ramsey
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

Before your interview at #Pottery barn make sure to...

Working for Pottery Barn was a great experience for me. If I am honest I didn't know anything about them. I soon learned that they were a leading provider of shabby-chic and farm house style furnishings in my area and even in the USA.. Williams Sonoma is the parenting company that was based out of the Bay area of California...The quality of the goods was as popular with the clients as the style was so getting onboard with the rage was not at all a difficult task.. The customer base was always glad to hear of any changes or promotions as well as new inventory...the outlet where I worked was able to offer discounts and deals unheard of in the main stream stories this was bc we were a liquidator of goods that a customer decided against or maybe there'd be a slight imperfection and we would stock the items but never for too long ..it made for an excited atmosphere knowing the deals that wee being offered so work was a 🤣 y yo report to .I was able to ride to #5 in customer service in the country of all the other outlets..it was only after 21/2 months too.this was a result of customers surveys and bring successful in getting credit card applicatios in the hands of many shoppers..the applicatios often would come with 10% off for just filling the forms out. The experience was a great confidence builder and many repeat customers came as a result of the effort. .great atmosphere and results were imminent. The benefits with the company are impressive and Coronavirus was addressed at every turn.#coronavirus#benefits#results#rewarding