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Nathan Walter, Jr.
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over 6 months ago

#CollegeStudent #Programming #CS #Internship #Philly

Dear Jobcase Community,

My name is Nate, I'm an aspiring programmer, and I need help!

Is it just me, or is it difficult to find internships for software developers? No? I'll add a few variables: College sophomore, living in Philly.

I've posted my resume to over 20 companies in the area and surrounding it (20 being the number I can remember, I've hit the "Easy/One-Click Apply" button countless times it seems). If you say it could be my skills, well I have almost every trigger-word in my resume that would give HR "ants in their pants". I've used several job boards as well (CareerBuilder, Indeed, Dice, a board dedicated to Montgomery County, Jobsflag, ZipRecruiter, JobSpring, this site, a few recruiters... Oh so many T-T...) However, only one company ever called me (such a great company, could've spent my life there. Why they didn't hire me after the interviews is another story T-T). Besides them, I haven't received so much as an email stating they chose other candidates.

You hear/read so much on the Internet about the booming tech field. "There will be this many millions of jobs in the US by 2020 but only so and so thousands of people to fill those positions. Get in it now!"

Well... We're almost 2 years out from that projected deadline... Is the demand really there, or was that some agenda of the colleges to boost attendance or some crap? (Sorry for the conspiracy theory XD).

Basically, I just need a few straightforwarded answers from someone in the field. Every ad that I see these days wants at least a BS and 2+ years of experience. Every ad seems to ask for technologies that are impossible to learn as a college student (I'm a self taught programmer and usually very good at finding the resources needed to expand my repertoire). I mean, how are you supposed to learn the new technologies that only seem to be available in-company, or get any kind of "hands-on"/"real-world"/"solid"/"business solution" experience... WHEN NOBODY WANTS A NEWBIE??

There are new apps and software being released by new companies every year (every month, every week... Every day!). Obviously somebody's getting hired.

So with that, here are my questions:

  1. Is it even possible to get a software development internship (even full-time junior/associate position... Doing the grunt work... Debugging, from what I can gather lol) as an undergraduate IN PHILLY (though I'm not against traveling to reach my goals)

  2. If so, list the companies I should apply to please!

  3. If not, let me know which cities in your state are the hotspots in our field. I will move if that's what it takes to be a programmer (given the right opportunity). "Dude, I just wanna freaking code all day!"

  4. It's fine if the answer is wait until I get my degree. If that's what is wanted, so be it. I'll be patient... But just a year and a half ago, while still in high school, it seemed like there were a plethora of positions for undergraduates (it's kind of frustrating thinking the demand disappeared so quickly).

  5. If I still have the attention of my idols/peers, anyone who has experience in the field, what technologies should I learn that apply to your niche? I don't care if it's systems engineering, aerospace, robotics, full-stack, quant/finance-coding, artificial intelligence, physics/chemistry simulating, mobile apps, game development... The whole deal (almost said full-stack again, hahaha). I love it all. Again, "I just wanna code."

  6. Should I try freelance websites? Push my app ideas onto local business (non-software oriented)? Keep building my project portfolio?

If you've read this far without skipping, thank you for taking the time to hear me out. Any and all advice/criticism about this post or my situation is welcome. Please, please, please let me know if this anxiety is warranted. Thank you again!

/* Disclaimer: This post was sent from a mobile device. Please excuse any syntactical/compile-time related errors. XD */