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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
about 1 year ago

Small Acts of Kindness might save us

Can we all commit to spending this week doing 1 small act of kindness each day? It could be as simple as waving someone into a lane of traffic, connecting with a barrista and saying thank you by name, - just show some human compassion for one another.
I think this isn't just a nicety - I think it may be profoundly important right now. I confess I turned off the news this wknd. I strive to stay away from the extremism of our political debate these days. I mean, I embrace politics of advocating for workers (I don't see it as left-versus-right issue, I see it as right-versus-wrong, all people can support workers). But, since I help operate a platform built for everyone, I tend to stay away from politics beyond this advocacy. But this weekend I couldn't even watch. I turned off the news this wknd because I weep for the Kurdish mommies and daddies losing their children, for Hevrin who is pulled from her own car, and wince at the thought of a video some misguided group produced which fictionally shows our president violently assaulting his domestic opponents. It all seems too much and leaves me feeling so helpless to change any of it.
But then, I started thinking about Ringo Starr of the Beatles.
Ringo Starr tweets out #PeaceAndLove all the time. It sounds like an echo from another era, and something quaint or even corny. But maybe it's not. Maybe it's the one thing each of us can do. And then I start thinking: Ya know what- he's right. Why is "LOVE" not a national dialogue? Yup - it sounds hokey, yup it sounds idealistic I get it. But it's also what life is about right? So why not put it front and center? So heres what I think. Small acts of kindness is something we all can do today. You and I can't impact national security decisions today and can't stop misguided people from trying to trigger extreme negativity today. But we can start to change the national mood.. today. We can be more tolerant of people around us. We can be kinder to those around us. We can be more helpful to people around us. And maybe, just maybe, act by act, we can change this national mood to a more positive footing. And if that groundswell fails, then at least we help someone else's mood be more positive for a bit in the day -- and, ya know what? I'll take that as a victory too! join me?