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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of JobcaseBullet point
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Jobcase Inc. announced 3 things today. 1) we had an investor buy out a controlling shareholder, 2) we raised some money for growth, and 3) Workday forged a partnership with Jobcase. Here’s why we think this is great news for you:

Punchline: Jobcase’s mission is to empower workers. This has never seemed more urgent than while we face double-digit unemployment where once again those of us who face the most adversity in the best of times are taking the hardest hits in the toughest of times. We need to do better to help one another. Jobcase was built as a place where people help people. So we realized Jobcase needs to do better for you – so we went to find partners who can help us do just that.

Background: What does empowering workers’ mean for you: we want to make it easy for you to have a better tomorrow. We want to provide tools, that make moving around, getting training, getting new jobs easy and successful (and at the moment, hopefully FAST too). We want to support a community platform where strangers love and support each other to figure out that next step, that current problem. With tools and community – the trends that can be daunting for future-of-work can actually be harnessed to help you have an AWESOME future. But its gonna take some effort. No one is in a corner office doing it for you anymore. And few of us have been trained to figure it out ourselves (plus it can be exhausting). But Jobcase is building a platform to make it easy – even fun – and supportive. #StrongerTogether !

Ok – now the announcement.

Part 1: Our new big shareholder LOVES the idea of empowering workers. When I first met them, I knew that the leader was actively supporting veterans in the southwest, and I then learned he and PSG were saving entire villages in Africa with better irrigation and building housing that can protect from wandering rebels that threaten family security, etc. My point – these shareholders walk the walk on caring about people and part of the reason they are investing in Jobcase is they know we do too. And they get that now more than ever we need to support workers. #StrongerTogether!

Part 2: We need to make your experience better. We need to get more relevant communication to you, and we need it to be easier for you to keep your stuff – resume, profile, reviews, training certifications, etc. We need new tools for you – like radars for what opportunities you might not be considering that are open to you with just 1 course, or 1 training module. We need your profile/reviews/records to be easily maintained and updated to show your best self and then make sure it's easy for you to send anywhere you want – employers, schools, even jobcase competitors -it's YOUR data. You should keep it here and be able to freely send it anywhere you choose - and easily. In short – we have a lot more work to do on the product to serve you in the way you deserve. That takes money. We just got some. We are gonna spend it on tools and community building to help you! #StrongerTogether!

Part 3: Workday. Workday is a company that powers the HR and people functions of almost all the biggest companies in the US. They are large, they are very well run, and they are wonderful people who fell in love with our mission of empowering workers. And the cool news is that so many of their employer clients want to help too. The Business Roundtable talked about the importance of Stakeholders – not just shareholders. Bank of America’s CEO just last quarter allocated 1 billion dollars (yes Billion) to help with racial inequality in local communities alone. Target is increasing pay for all hourly workers. Momentum is building on worker advocacy and we strongly believe with Workday we can advocate for workers more effectively, can accelerate making it easier for you to apply and get hired by the 1000 biggest companies in the USA and can help employers flourish as well. It’s an exciting partnership that benefits first – you, second -employers who ‘get’ workers-value. We’ve never had a partner like this and we think it can be wonderful for our members. #StrongerTogether.

So, congrats Jobcasers. Jobcase Inc. employs 158 people headquartered 2 blocks from MIT leveraging cutting edge tech to help you navigate a better tomorrow by managing your own future of work better. We just got a huge shot in the arm that should strengthen our ability to serve you better. It might not be overnight -but you should see a steady drumbeat (and occasional step functions) of cooler tools, better-run communities, more relevant communication, and easier access to great employers. The next 12 months should be transformative. WE are so appreciative of your being part of this community. Of your being on Jobcase. And now we have new funding and partnerships to serve you better. With unemployment in doubledigits it's just in time.

We can all have a better tomorrow. It will be easier if we help one another. Jobcase just got partners and funding to build a platform that will do just that. Congratulations. And Stay tuned for what comes next!

#PeopleHelpingPeople #StrongerTogether #WorkerValue #OnwardsAndUpwards !