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over 6 months ago

My return was accepted on Feb 13 and has been processing with no additional info ever since. I cant get my stimulus check until Taxes are processed since. I wasn't required to file In 2019. Anyone with any info would be great. No info on WMR or GMP. I check daily. #stimulus #refund #taxes2021 #nostimulus #norefund

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Janice ReedCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

I hear your frustration, Isaac! It's important to know that stimulus and unemployment money are coming. If you're interested in knowing when, make sure to click the link I just provided to read through the information there.

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jacob ogg

Someone is having my stimulus money deposited into a greendot account but it's not me so they have got everyone of my checks I have filed a fraud report and I told them who it was a d everything I steal cant get anything done about it they said they would work on it how do I change were the money is being sent when I try to create a profile on the irs it ask for proof of who I am and when I add it it does not let me through steal I really need to know what I can do to fix this

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