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Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

Why add a hashtag?

The first time someone used a hashtag in 2007 everyone said that they were for nerds. Now hashtags are everywhere AND on Jobcase!

-So why add a hashtag to your post?

It helps your brilliant words get to the right location such as in a specific topic such as #workfromhome. Adding appropriate hashtags also helps others who may click on the hashtag to locate, read, and comment back to what you have said.

-How do you add a hashtag?

You have two ways to add a hashtag on Jobcase.

1- You can create your very own unique hashtag in your post that is applicable to what you are writing about. For example, #motivationMondays

2- You can click from the prepopulated ones from the created topics, but remember to stick to the hashtags that make the most sense and avoid adding them all. Too many hashtags in your Jobcase post will just confuse your reader!

If I were writing a post about staying motivated during COVID I wouldn’t add in the retail hashtag or workfromhome hashtag because that just wouldn’t make sense. So stick with 1-3 hashtags

Happy hashtagging!