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Leslie Smart
about 2 months ago

I am truly happy to have came across this website. For the past year and a half. I've been working contract work which was great but, never led to anything permanent. I was sold on how great these positions are to being let go. Keep a positive mindset. I know it can be hard especially in these times the pandemic has changed the job market. Work on your resume but, most importantly work on your interview skills. Be yourself and let your true personality and skills shine. There's that position right around the corner perfect for you. This website helped me get hired with Anthem a company I've been dreaming to get in! #Hired #KeepTheFaith #Anthem

Christine Bennett
over 6 months ago

Weight Discrimination

So asides from being discriminated from my disabilities, I found out I am being discriminated because of my weight also. Upset, yet I kind of find it funny where I am not letting it get to me that hard because people should be ashamed of themselves for body shaming and promoting society’s beauty standards when there are successful people and plus size models like Tess Holliday out there who is rocking it and very beautiful also. She is a big inspiration to me. To Employers who body shame, “Eff Your Beauty Standards” because I am proud of my body and maintaining it in a healthy way also as I have been exercising daily and eating healthy. I am keeping my head up always with a smile. :)

#discrimination #Bodyshaming #ProudofMyBody #EffYourBeautyStandards #KeepTheFaith

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