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Panthera Tigris
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over 6 months ago

Head of house hold of six-seven,(with I) striving to get the best out of hard work by putting in extra effort, time, and elevating average expectations. However, even though this type of discipline can do wonders for entrepreneurs I've come to the realization that in the general work force there's a sense of overlooking good ol' HUSTLE. Now I know, hustle is/should be a general trait but I can't help but to feel powerless while persuing a career within my current industry or I should say company. I've never put a price on the quality or quantity of my work, it has always been my personal goal to do my best and strive to be the best. I cannot-will not settle; ever. I can do alot more and by observing this now; I've come to remind myself: I am that fuel I want, not the raise. Perhaps I've been putting my energy where it's not appriciated Company is good but was I trying to settle? For steady income, healthcare, job security? I got skills, those things are manageable...I'm a Hustler; I strive #Hustle #fuelforthefire #raise #breakthrough