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Nicqelle Hessick
over 6 months ago

Hi everyone. My name is Nicqelle Hessick. You can all call me Elle. I have been out of the work force for 20+ years. I got married and wanted to raise my boys full-time. I still have a 10 year old at home but I have some time now that I think I could start thinking about what I want and becoming more independent is one of those things. Let me say.. it's a scary thing to do when I haven't been out there in so many years. I have gotten stuck in this comfort zone that has become a rut. But stepping out of your comfort zone is, I've heard, the time when the best things happen to you. I don't really know the type of job I'm looking for. I went to school years ago to become a front office receptionist in a Dental/ Hygienist office but that was so long ago and I don't even know if anyone would hire me without experience. But something clerical or reception work anywhere if possible. I just wanted to introduce myself and I would appreciate some positive feedback. Maybe some friendships can come of this as well. I welcome that for sure. Thank you all and I wish you all the best luck in your job searching. God bless.

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