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sharon kelley
over 6 months ago

Need Work!!!!!!!!

I can do a lot of things I've worked as a cashier I waitress I worked at Dunkin Donuts I worked as a CNA I worked at fast foods I worked in plastic shops molding packing . My name is Sharon Kelley I live in Fitchburg Massachuettes my cell number is 978 340 3075 I also babysit thank you need money to go to Florida for sons wedding .

Paige hubert
over 6 months ago

I'm 16 and want to work with animals

Hello! my name is Paige and i am interested if anyone needs a pet sitter or dog walker. i really love animals and would love to help anyone out. i live in Fitchburg MA, if anyone is near my area contact me. hoping for a part time job after school. #fitchburg #petsitter #dogwalker #animals #16yearsold #new #firstjob #dogs #cats #pets #parttime #afterschool