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Empress Wells
about 1 month ago

If someone contacts you from this place, please beware it is a scam. They are using several job platforms such as indeed, LinkedIn, etc and contacting you under the guise of an employment offer. They send an employmet contract for hire for remote work just to get your bank account information after they state it is needed to deposit your paycheck. Good thing I called the actual company, they are fully aware of this Tasha person. She literally took the T out of what should say Alston. Truly despicable!!! #remoteworkscams #scamjobs #employmentscams #wordsofadvice

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LaQuinta Smith
6 months ago

I have been working as a legal assistant for many many years and have been out of the job hunt. Now I am looking for a new position and have been asked for a writing sample and had no clue what the employer meant. I had to look it up after not getting the position. What are some other things that job hunters like myself should know? I am skeptical about these instant message interviews and remote $35 per hour jobs so I decline them. How do I find out if they are real companies or legit jobs? Not everything is proven via the internet and sometimes the recruiter is listing a few positions rather than one particular position to be hired for. Please point me in some directions to help me know not to waste my time and how to spot the people looking for your personal information for identity theft. #advice #jobsearch #employmentscams