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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Amazon continues to dominate.

Jobcase was very busy this Sept-Dec helping thousands of Jobcasers become aware, and obtain employment at Amazon. Amazon is a great company and the team here in Cambridge that builds and improves this platform was really excited to help great Jobcasers make this connection! I thought about that as I looked at this chart that clearly shows how dominant Amazon is in online consumer spending. I am hopeful that Bezos and the management team appreciate ALL their workers that make this awesome company's success possible. I know that the people at Amazon with whom we speak everyday are really wonderful - they are great at their jobs and they seem to really care about the Jobcase members that we are introducing to them ( from which they are growing their company). And as I look at this chart, it sure appears that there success will continue. So if you are thinking about where to find a good next gig - maybe click over to our companies or jobs section and find the closest Amazon fulfillment or other center that might be near you! #amazon #opportunity #dominant