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Sergio Hernandez
24 days ago

Be patient everything will come together. I’m a felon with a bad record I never had problems with jobs I turn done jobs. It’s not what I did it’s what I do now. Just be yourself be honest and upfront you will get the opportunities. But if you lie or don’t say something they get scared. You don’t be just honest positive attitude hard worker you will be fine #convictedfelons

Tracy Stauffer
2 months ago

Hi! I am a returning citizen. I made some mistakes in the past and have a felony record. I haven’t had anything negative on my record for almost 20 years and I’m having a hard time finding a job because of failing the background check. People have said that employers don’t go farther back than 7-10 years when doing a background check but that is not true. I have paid my debt to society and have even got my voting rights back. When will I stop being judged for past mistakes? Enough is enough. #convictedfelons #advice #secondchances #backgroundcheck