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Colin Rocker Rice
3 months ago

These are the top paying college majors of 2021

I believe that your college experience should be about more than simply getting a high paying job, and your major should be chosen based on your interests as well.

That being said - here are some of the top paying college majors of 2021!

  • Engineering ($182,000)
  • Economics ($139,600)
  • Accounting ($138,800)
  • Medicine/Pharmacy ($133,200)

Data from Payscale Watch this on Tiktok

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Cindy Shaw
over 6 months ago

Does it really matter?

Do college majors really matter? I’ll be finished with my Social Services degree next year and everyone’s always quick to tell me how that’s not a marketable degree in today's workplace but all the job postings I’ve read never indicate that a degree in a specific major is requirement to qualify for the job. I choose to major in Social Services solely out of interest in the science but I probably won’t end up pursuing a counseling career. I just don’t think that having a degree in this field will keep me from getting a job in another industry like technology or business management. Will it?