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Posted to #1199
Michael Carvalho
over 6 months ago

July 20, 2020 A Day in my Shoes! My day started at 5:00 AM waking up and preparing for a busy schedule. 5:10 AM Coffee Made and check my messages to see if any surprises arise? First cup of coffee and shower time. Check my email to see where I am needed for the event. Call's to be made, pick up staff and make sure Essential Black Live Worker’s Event is going smoothly? Leave the house at 6:15 AM. Heading to pick up the first person my union organizer Lisa, she tells me she is running late. Skip her house and go to the second house. Arlene my Co-Delegate.6:40 AM arrived and she tells me Cathy can’t get the day off. I tell her not to worry and head to Marcus’s house. Arlene on the way tells me he isn’t answering the phone. I call still no answer. Guess we have to cover his spot? Arrive at his house to pick him up, it’s 7:05 AM. Lisa call’s asking where are we? I tell her on our way to her house. By the way it starts to pouring rain. #1199 #Work #Union #BLM #BlackLifeMatters