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Kik Queen
over 2 years ago

Down on your luck? Get creative!! (Just wanted to share)

Hello, I am a firm believer of owning my own business. I encourage people to learn their abilities that they have. We all have them. Example; My husband and I had our own pressure cleaning company It took $100 to start... very successful. Then we had a cleaning service, took $50 to start, etc. Now I have my own Home Health Care Company and have partnered with a sister company!! I refuse to put in the work that I love to do on someone else job and time. Find out what you are good at and create your own business. Put your dreams on the front line and go for it, and remember as long as you are good at something you will always be able to obtain revenue. #MAKEYOUROWNMONEY #BEINDEPENDANT #NEVERGIVEUP #MYKNOWLEDGEISMYMONEY #WORKHARD #ENJOYPLAYING