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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Don't stop now, my Chicago friends!

Hi! What a treat to meet so many awesome Jobcasers last week in Chicago. I"ll write more later but this is a quick reminder to be aggressive in following up on any leads from the event! If employers said they would call you and haven't - give them a call. Suggest the following: "Hi, I really enjoyed meeting your reps at a Chicago Jobfair last week and just want to check to make sure you have my application". Then on this call or another "Great, I wonder if I could schedule time to meet with a hiring manager".

Best Case - you show you are proactive and get your application moved along and maybe even yelp yourself stand out!

Worst Case - you dont get the role (you already dont have the role now, so not really a worst case is it? We all go through rejection - it actually helps to get it earlier so you know were to spend your time.

So... feel free to make the call Jobcaser. You Got this! #advice #aggressive #StandOut