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Bruce OBanion
over 6 months ago

Online Entry Level Web/Graphics Designer

My father had the nickname OB because of his last name. He was a mural painter and graphics artist. In those days there was no digital so his work was all by hand. When I became about ten I begin to steal his calligraphy or letter book and do drawings on my own like dad. I stole it so much that my father began to bring me along when he did his work so he would have his letter book. I understudied him from about 1960 to '66 when I went into the service myself. I scored high on the test and was sent to electronics, radar, and computer school. I learned some of the first digital graphics and computer stuff that was around. I worked on an air control computer that had only 2meg (not gig) bytes of memory and was spread over 15 huts. It was mobile and worked, as long as you didn't move it. Late in life, I put it all together with two degrees in Technical Communications that combines digital art with web programming from OSU. I'm 68 and retired, so this is my last hurray. What I am looking for is entry level Web and/or graphic design with a salary between $10k and $25k. Online at home would be preferred. I have XHTML, JavaScript 1.2, PHP 5, CSS 2.0, and some Ajax, Basic, Java, C++, and asm. I have worked with both Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office (Power Point, Word, …). I have a clean record and I am a Viet Nam Vet. There is more to my story, and the color, in my portfolio (See below).

Bruce R. O'Banion
8920 Evergreen Way #533 Everett, WA 98208 Phone: 425 265 7256 Cell: 206 353 9509 eMail: ob1canob@simpsoftgroup.com Portfolio: http://www.simpsoftgroup.com/resume/index.html Website: http://www.simpsoftgroup.com