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Richard Byron
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over 6 months ago

Hi. , I pray that all of you & your loved ones are in good health & continue to be as each new day comes upon us. So here I am the unemployment benefits sheet says that the week ending 07/04/2020, is week #22 for my benefits. Now here is what has got me TOTALLY P*รทSED OFF. I HAVE NOT received any payment for week #20, #21,when I log into the site and access my claims summary it states that both those weeks are still in progress just as week #22 filed this morning states. Now I haven't received any email, phone call, text, or letter via the postal system, that states there's any type of issues which may need resolving. I've sent them 2 emails about this, I've also gone to the office here, at which time I was told after waiting over 3 hours, no one there could access the pandemic program, so they Would log my contact info& the reason I was at the office that day, & someone will call me to come back down within 3- 4 days. Ha Ha, that was on June 24thstill nothing. SO BE PREPARED FOR THE RUN AROUND with A LITTLE B.S. on the side. Be sure to STAY SAFE AND BE BLESSED ๐Ÿ™ . RICH

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