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The pandemic has upended so much this year for us in the workforce. It's forced a lot of us out of it, forced us to learn new skills and find new industries. It's also forced a lot of us to find new ways to adapt at our jobs. One group of workers that have had to adapt a lot are teachers. I can't imagine what elementary school teachers must be going through to teach little kids online and how to make it engaging. Well I found this one music teacher who is bringing her A game to her little students as our her daughter captured her teaching her music class online. She's an inspiration as her energy is infectious to her classroom. How are you adapting to online work or how would you be certain to bring your A game to working remotely? #workfromhome #jobsearch #TTT

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almost 2 years ago
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Teachers are Awesome! It's so inspiring to see how quickly they adapt, despite the challenges, to ensure their students continue learning.

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