Tracy Stauffer

Does anyone have any information about a pending issue waiting for adjudication aNd what that means exactly. I was approved for unemployment benefits in December. I received 3 payments. In January I found a job and worked for 3 weeks but got laid off because it was a temporary job. I continued to claim my weeks and reported all earnings. Now my payments are on hold. Has this happened to anyone else? #unemployment #claim #help #advice

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over 1 year ago
Lawrence WhiteCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Tracy Stauffer , this message most often related to review pending on a monetary and/or non-monetary matter. Based on the experience you describe, the temporary hold on your insurance benefits payment remains in effect until they can verify your last layoff for the temp job.

I couldn't find a verification processing timeline in Florida Department of Economic Opportunity but I would guess 2 - 4 weeks due to all the new and pending claims. Call the agency if you don't receive an update message or correspondence within the next week.

Also, quick question(s)... what was the temp job? Did it initially start off as a temp work assignment or was it a full-time position that ended unexpectedly? What type of work do you do? Do you have any specific work preferences?

  • What’s your work background, are you looking for a specific job?
  • Are you interested in full or part-time jobs?
  • Are you interested in remote/work from home ONLY or are you open to on-location job options?
  • Do you have related work experience or are you interested in changing careers?
  • Anything else?

We would very much like to assist you with locating and landing a good long term career job opportunity. Keep pursuing your unemployment benefits but please feel free to allow us to assist you with your new career job prospects. Continue to keep us updated on your progress. Stay Encouraged!

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