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Madelaine Thompson
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Well, it was one of the first mornings of opening by myself and I left the bread out to dry too long. You can already imagine how the rest of the day went from there. The bread wasn’t bad if nobody wanted it toasted, although that’s one of the greatest things about certain sandwiches at Subway. Whenever I asked someone if they wanted a sandwich toasted you can imagine the anxiety I felt as the poor dried out bread spent each second in the oven. Now I tried my best to stay positive while dressing the filling of the subs, and did a pretty good job considering I was the only employee until my co-worker would come to swap me. Finally, the worst part comes into play, as I’m making two philly cheesesteak sandwiches for a man and his wife, I realize that the bread was disintegrated and crumpling everywhere. My co-worker got there at that time thankfully and helped keep the line down. I saw the look of disappointment on all these people’s faces and figured things were already bad and couldn’t get much worse. After convincing myself that the customers who had already been waiting in line could wait a little longer, I decided I would remake the sandwich and give this guy the quality sandwich he rightly deserved and would be paying for. I asked the man if it would be alright if I remade it that the bread didn’t allow everything to fall out. He didn’t deny and I hurried through making it edible this time. After the lunch rush was over I was still left with all my responsibilities that I was supposed to get done in my spare time before my co-worker got there. Moral of the story, if the entire day depends on your bread going into the storage after getting done cooling off, customers won’t mind waiting while you finish up your bread. If you worry about speed and only on one customer the entire time you can develop tunnel vision, and you’ll struggle to serve the customers with confidence because you don’t slow down to finish up. So, think ahead, and don’t be afraid to make a few people wait instead. This way you’re not losing you and your company bread.

almost 5 years ago
Matt Bornhorst
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Thanks for sharing your experience there working at Subway Madelaine Thompson . It sounds like you did everything you could do to make that customers experience a good one.

How did you first get started working there?

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