As a Recruiter - this is why I think your resume is so important

Why is your resume so important? In a lot of ways, it's your professional identity...and you're sharing it with folks you've never met. It's an opportunity to make a great first impression and get people excited to have a deeper conversation or meeting with you. There are certain hiring managers or recruiters that are looking through potentially thousands of resumes for limited opportunities in their company. You need to try and differentiate yourself from the majority of those other candidates. So, what does this mean? Does it mean to add fluorescent colors, large fonts, 10 pages or pictures from your most recent vacation? No, it does not. The way to make yourself stand out is to have your professional identity buttoned up and look...professional. Check and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors (I'm sure I have a few in here) and then have someone else look it over to make sure it all makes sense. This is your chance to sell yourself before you talk to anyone from the company, so make it last. Be more organized than the others, format things correctly, don't make things too flashy and in my opinion, one of the most important things is to sell yourself for the job you are applying to. What I mean by this, is that your resume for one position may be a bit different than it is for another job. You can keep the same formatting and structure but you may need to talk about yourself differently in terms of your experiences that make you a great candidate for a specific role. The smallest change can possibly make the biggest difference. In the end, be honest, take your time and give your full effort to show your best self and seize the opportunity in front of you. Best of luck to everyone out there and if you have questions about your resume or anything else, ask the community and we will be here for you. Have a great week!

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